about the artist

I am Lynn M. Jones, a letterpress printer and fine art printmaker in Eureka, CA. I learned how to print from Berkeley artist David Lance Goines in 1999. I started Just My Type Letterpress around 2003, and I currently print in my combination studio/retail shop in Old Town Eureka. There, I print everything by hand, one color at a time, on a 1925 Chandler & Price or my 1947 Vandercook 219OS. My prints are made from painstakingly carved linoleum blocks, and I print them in small limited editions. I strongly believe in empowering women, preserving nature, supporting small businesses and encouraging art.

Carve. Create. Connect.

Commissions and custom orders are accepted on a piece-by-piece basis. Due to the time of the year, previously booked projects, family considerations and procrastination, availability will vary.